Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dark Was The Night

No, not the Batman movie, but all my favorite artists compiled into a single 2-disc set. This is album is pure symphony, totally awesome and music-tastic/gasmic. Oh, and profits go to AIDS awareness! All 31 tracks that comprise this delicious ear candy are available for a mere $11.99. The website lets me promote the album by playing 3 songs off my blog. Just... listen.

"Dark Was The Night will be released on February 17th, 2009. It’s comprised of 31 exclusive tracks and it will be available as a double cd/triple vinyl/download and will benefit the Red Hot Organization – an international charity dedicated to raising money and awareness for HIV and AIDS through popular culture. They are the people responsible for albums including No Alternative, Red Hot and Blue and many more, and this is their 20th year, and this is the 20th release!"