Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Make a Manhattan

M and I put this together. Make sure you watch in HD if possible!

Not for the faint of heart ;-)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's May!

To all of you who were in any level concerned that I wasn't blogging much lately, you are so sweet. When even my brother asks me why I haven't been blogging, it means it's been too long.

Nothing wrong happened and I am healthy and well. It has been a wonderful month at my new job and I like it more and more each day. I work with great people, the job is fun and interesting, and it makes me feel useful and needed. Life is great.

M is doing well too, he got a haircut and he looks so handsome!!! I have been telling him for months to get it done and I'm happy to announce that he will never look back again :) 

So back to my promise... here's a couple of beers we tasted this month...

The brewery: Matilda Bay (Victoria)
The beer: Dog Bolter Dark Lager
Appearance: dark brown, however not really cloudy. Little to no head after pouring.
Aroma: Molasses, roasted coffee, very mild.
On the palate: As expected with most dark ales, a thick malty flavour, with a touch of sweetness similar to molasses. However it is not overpowering and a great addition to any warm meal of red meat or spicy food.

The brewery: Matilda Bay (Victoria)
The beer: Bohemian Pilsner
Appearance: Pale gold and clear (after a few seconds of settling). Lovely head retention.
Aroma: Very mild scent of hops.
On the palate: A classic Czech style lager, crisp and refreshing. A firm and pleasant aftertaste reminiscent of sourdough bread. A classic, in every sense of the word.

The brewery: McLaren Vale Beer Company (South Australia)
The beer: Vale Ale Pale Ale
Appearance: Pale and unfiltered (ie. cloudy), fine and dense head.
Aroma: Mild, of wheat or bread.
On the palate: Spicy and hoppy. Medium bitterness with a touch of fruity sweetness. Caramel-like aftertaste.

We've been cooking up some other amazing things around here lately and I hope I get to share some soon...