Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Tamarama Beach, New South Wales

Dear all,

I am sorry for not doing a better job of blogging. Anybody that has a blog out there knows what a challenge it is to maintain certain frequency and coming up with well presented and original content. Thank you for continuing to read, but overall, lets all take it a bit less seriously OK? <3

What has happened since May:

- M took some Spanish lessons
- I quit my job
- M applied for long leave at work and it was approved
- We moved out of our house and in with our friend down the street
- We saved lots of dough
- We bought Round-the-World tickets to explore South America for approximately 3 months


Because M has always talked about doing a big long trip and it's time we get it over with
and of course,
because we can. Yes, we are very lucky indeed.

I'll try to post about our trip on this blog as often as we can, but will likely keep it short on the text and details. Thanks for sticking around nonetheless!!! We love you,

L + M

PS. If you use instragram, you can look me up I'm missbongaloo