Sunday, February 26, 2012


In May 2010, M and I went on a road trip and covered the entire north coast of Spain. Here's a map with the route, camp sites and attractions we visited. Though note we did not always follow it exactly.

I am home alone this weekend and was feeling a bit nostalgic about spending relaxing time together with M. We're both quite busy Monday to Friday, and often the weekends fill up as well. Looking at these photos makes me happy...

Playa de Las Catedrales (Cathedrals Beach)

Playa el Silencio (Silence Beach) - the beach itself is below us, you cannot see it... It was indeed awful quiet and beautiful
Drinking the local cider in Oviedo (by M)

Can't remember the name of this beach, nor it's location... Pretty!

The town of San Vicente de la Barquera, in low tide

A cemetery we visited during our travels... near Comillas, Spain. Probably my favorite leg of the trip, beatiful!!!

Having a snooze in Santander
The Guggenheim Art Museum in Bilbao (by M)
We planned this trip together with a Spanish couple friends of ours, but she accidentally broke her leg while skiing so M and I went by ourselves.

The gritty film photos were taken with My Stafetta Duo medium format camera. The sharp photos were taken with M's 5D II.

I want a holiday!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello... again...

Hi! Looks like I'm back from my mandatory annual leave of absence from this blog, it has been so flattering and sweet to have some of you ask me about the status of my life (aka. the blog), some people I didn't even know they knew about this space!

Holler Dawid, Melisa, Parisa, Dan and Joan for always bringing it up :)

I need to redesign the layout again, there's a lot of hating coming from my side (which is perhaps why I avoid this url?)... more on that later I suppose...

This is a little of what we've been up to this weekend:

Cooking! Always.. you know it... M made an amazing GRILLED whole eye fillet roast, grilled asparagus and a roasted garlic and red onion jam (he made everything!!! WHAT?)

We also got up extra early and went to the beach in the morning...

... and surprisingly watching a whole lot of nerdy videos :)

How was your weekend?