Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Swiss fun facts

5. People don't have "fridges".

The word for closet in German is schrank, the word for fridge or refrigerator is k├╝hlschrank which literally means "cooling closet". If you go to any Swiss apartment or house you will see that the refrigerator never looks like the typical fridge, instead it is sort camouflaged into the kitchen cabinetry (I think I made up this word) and follows the same style. If you are not use to it you would think it was simply part of the pantry.

6. There is an ice crisis in Z├╝rich.

It is difficult to get your hands on some ice around here. Freezers are typically very small and people don't stock it. I have even found it hard to find ice trays, they are just not that popular. So if you go to a summer party it is rare to find or serve ice, and very common to drink warm beer and cocktails. Getting drunk sometimes maybe less pleasant, but since when is being drunk truly pleasant? Keep your eyes on the ball. Choosers losers, right?

7. Oranges vs. Limes.

I went to a bar last night and when we ordered a round of tequila shots they were served with cinnamon and orange slices instead of salt and lime. I didn't try the cinnamon, but I admit bitting the orange was much more enjoyable than bitting the lime.