Monday, June 18, 2007

I've been sleeping 10 hours every night

Can you believe it? I love being on vacation. My friend Cole reminded me to make sure and enjoy it because there aren't any more vacations until I'm done with gradschool. What a pooper that guy... No just kidding! Cole and Robin are great!

Last Friday we went on a hike together to Mount Sanitas. This was a very steep hike although not that long. I would not recommend it for anybody shorter than me because you have to climb through some big rocks and boulders. And the way down was no different.

Another friend went with us on the hike, and that was "Scout", she belongs to Robin's parents and she was lots of fun. Almost everybody we ran into on the trail had a dog! I think I have seen more dogs than children in this town. I believe that fact is true for San Francisco, at least that is what Tammy told me. People in Silicon Valley don't have time to raise a family because they work so hard, so then they get dogs.

Today me and Andre are going to go camping at Estes Park. It seems like a very popular place in Colorado and it is where the movie The Shinning was filmed. We'll be back tomorrow and I'll post again to let you know how everything went!

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