Sunday, March 23, 2008

I got the *smarts*

I learned recently that my research project on distributed MPPT for solar panels is going to be involved with Xcel Energy's Smart Grid City project. I feel luckier than ever to have ended up in Boulder now, I feel like what I do is relevant. Most importantly, I feel relevant, it is like the opportunity to impact today's society is now palpable.

The information on the Xcel Energy link above doesn't really get into the specifics. Here's a white paper, which also isn't very helpful. Mostly because Xcel probably isn't sure how they are going to do this, all they know is that they want to :-) and so do I. So yeah, sorry about that, I'll give you more information as it comes along, for now enjoy the wavering green bars in the video.

I'm on spring break right now, but I'll probably be going to the lab everyday this week. School has been keeping me really busy and I just had the week from hell. But being busy also comes with this notion that you are getting things done, and that is a wonderful feeling. My summer plans have finally concretized too (can I say that? is that grammatically correct?). I am going to stay in Boulder instead of going to California. I still plan on going to visit Salt & Pepper for a long weekend sometime in May though, so get ready for total anarchy. I am also planning on going home for a little while to attend a friend's wedding, and see the parents... the usual, I <3 going home.

The main reason I am staying here over the summer is because we want to build a small array of solar panels and use our converters. Then test the full system so that we can submit a paper for a conference next year *trumpets and horns*. I really am happy that I get to stay here, summers in Boulder simply can't go wrong. California would have been really awesome, mostly because I'd get to hang out with with all the people I know there, all my brilliant, successful, beautiful friends. But I am a bit relieved that I don't have to work with "real" engineers. Grown-ups intimidate me, specially the professional kind.

I'm going to leave you with some music from my friend Armando's band, Gaêlica, celtic music madness.


Anthony said...

"concretized too (can I say that? is that grammatically correct?)"


Steve Hanna said...

remember, if you use a word it's real and you own it.

also there is nothing more awesome (read: hotter) than someone being completely enamored and absorbed in something that is esoteric and nerdy as designing a greener power grid. i'm just happy i have so many friends who are so passionate about what they do, no matter what niche of science or technology.

Queen of the Bongo said...

Care to suggest a better way to say what I meant to say? concretize is definitely a word, I didn't make it up.

Anthony said...

I think it's wrong because you used concretized as an intransitive verb. Your "plans ... concretized," versus "Leo concretized her plans." The dictionary claims that "concretize" is a transitive verb only.

You could have written something along the lines of, "I finally finalized my plans for the summer."

Hope that helps.

Hugs and kisses,

Your friendly neighborhood nitpicker, who will be nitpicking for a living.

Anthony said...

Steve -- Do I count in your friends who are passionate about something? Also, out of curiosity, what would you say I'm passionate about?

Additionally, I agree with your earlier point. Leo, you're pretty hot. Good thing you're reducing the energy dependence of modern society, to offset your heat contribution to global warming.

Queen of the Bongo said...

hahahahaha. you are hilarious. anthony, you are passionate about handling money.

Anthony said...

I would hope that's not the impression I give. Especially not the only impression. ;-(

Steve Hanna said...

rofl. i was going to say the same thing : ). hey if you can't be passionate, why be?

but really anthony, you seem to have a passion about bringing cohesion between people and groups. with the side effect of somehow bringing in a fuck ton of money. how's that?

Anthony said...

Awesome! I like that better. Thanks!

Parisa said...

I'm so late to this comment stream!! First, I'm Pepper baby!!!

Anthony has a passion about bringing cohesion between people and groups? Umm... yeah ok, if by "people" you mean "money" and by "groups" you mean "his pocket", than yeah sure.