Thursday, November 6, 2008

A comparative study of two useful discrete-valued random fields for the statistical modeling of images*

*Is the title for a Computer Science paper from the late 80's. No I didn't read it, just borrowed the title.

I did this yesterday:

Which is a huge improvement from this:

When I am done with what I'm doing right now, I will share it with you.

Some free publicity:
My friend Dan Hill is a "modern day prophet denouncing the hypocrisies of our time". He is also a very talented artist, writer, filmmaker, historian, librarian, entomologist, space cowboy, time-traveler and connoisseur of all that is vice. He has a bi-monthly periodical that exposes, well... the hypocrisies of our time. Each issue is a journey through the deepest darkest secrets of human nature.

You can order it via his website "The Fifty Flip Experiment" for $2 an issue, or buy a 1-year subscription for $10 (includes shipping!).

Me and Dan once drew humanoid elephants together.

I hope he doesn't sue me for copyright infringement.

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Anthony Philipp said...

Yeah, Dan is a pretty good artist.