Saturday, February 12, 2011

More furniture hunting (and reverse garbage)

The never ending acquisition of old, cheap or free furniture continues.

There's a shop run by a very kind man with acute hearing deficiency on the corner of Addison and Illawarra in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville. His shop is a plain cement room and only opens on weekends but the prices are fair and the stuff speaks to me more often than not. I bought from him a bedside table ($10), a bookshelf ($30), a rug ($10) and a small ceramic bathtub (decorative, $5).

What I liked about this table is: 1. It has a drawer for stuff you want to hide AND a shelf for stuff you want to display, 2. The legs are not entirely straight all the way down which makes it more interesting, 3. The hardware is original and pretty.

Of course I wouldn't be blogging about it if I hadn't changed something :-) so I spray painted it red! It has these beautiful cracks on the top which the paint didn't quite fill and they give the table  great look!

I think it fits much better with my personality now, I'm into colorful stuff lately...

By the way, that lamp is from this insane place also in Marrickville and very near the same shop called Reverse Garbage. The price of the lamp was 3 dollars but then I had to spend another 13 replacing the lamp socket which was cracked. The original lamp shade was a plain (and dirty) white, so I followed this *amazing* tutorial on how to cover a lamp shade with fabric.

Let me tell you some more about Reverse Garbage. There is where the items that are garbage but not really garbage go to die. Things like plaster, art, furniture, boxes, glass bottles, costumes, paint, chemicals, ceramics, etc, and they are all for sale! It is a crazy place! Words cannot begin to describe it so please let me take you on a photo tour:

When you see this incredible sculpture, you have arrived at the right place.
Theatre costumes?

Wigs, shoes and piles of ridiculous clothes.

Metal drums, ceramics...


Pink styrofoam bags!

If you are throwing an Oscars viewing party, you'll really need these, however overpriced.

Mannequins, posters, art frames.

You name it...
If you are in the Inner West or Marrickville area, do go check out these places, it'll be worth the visit!


Parisa said...

Nice color choice for the nightstand, and I'm loving that mini porcelain bath. Maybe you can make a tiny planter out of it?

Leo said...

The tiny bathtub is currently holding my keys ;-) a planter would be adorable but there is no drainage for water.

Parisa said...

Oh right... I always forget about those practical things. You could still fill it with dirt and put your keys on top?