Sunday, April 1, 2012

The last warm rays of summer

Camping trip to Mt. Kosciuzko National Park.

 We drove from Sydney to Thredbo after work on a Friday night a couple of weeks ago with some new friends... 6 hours later (around midnight) arrived at our first campsite on Thredbo Diggings.

It was so late and we were so tired that we quickly setup camp and simply went to bed.

The next morning everything was covered in dew (I LOVE dew everywhere!).

And then there were the spider webs everywhere too.

And this is my dashing mountain man:

After breakfast on Saturday we moved to Geehi Flats to camp over night, where we found hundreds of wild kangaroos. They were chilling on the grass until M scared them off and they started jumping in every direction.

Kangaroos are magical....

So you get an idea of the size of these:

This is my trusty and gorgeous tent, the MSR fling:

Our typical setup:

And you can't go to Kosciuzko National Park or Thredbo without climbing to the top! Most tourists (ahem if you are short on time) take the ski lift almost to the top and then it is a relatively easy walk (about 60-80 minutes) to the highest peak in all of Australia! A glorious 2228 metres :)

The trail looks mostly like this.

I'm sorry there aren't more photos of our vegetarian Russian friends or of all the yummy food we had. It was such a lovely weekend, we laughed, ate, drank and made new friends. I want to go camping again!!


SoulKadhiBlog said...

Hey Leo,

Like the new haircut!


Parisa Tabriz said...

Me too! Also love the first few pictures. Very fern gully.

Leo said...

Thanks ladies! Woah, fern gully, I haven't thought of that in years... Mmm, you would have loved the dew.

Joan said...

I'm quite the opposite of you. I don't like spider webs and my last climbing experience left much to be desired.

Anthony Philipp said...

Perhaps slightly off-topic, but one of the tastiest steaks I ever had was a kangaroo steak. I was initially skeptical when I saw it on the menu in a restaurant in Bangkok, but the waiter assured me it was worth ordering. Only ~900 Baht (maybe 30 USD at the time?) later and my steak arrived. Scrumptious. I would highly recommend ordering a kangaroo steak if you ever have the opportunity to do so. On the other hand if you make it to Peru and are offered Guinea Pig, feel free to turn it down. Not very tasty.

As an aside, isn't the Baht one of the cooler sounding currencies?

Leo said...

You are so random Anthony, but I like it that you don't hold back. Yes I have had kangaroo meat, you can buy it at the super market! It is a bit livery, high in iron and low in fat, very good for you, and CHEAP. It is still considered however, game meat, as the procurement of meat is quite unregulated.

Baht is right up there on my list.
thanks for comenting :-)

Anthony Philipp said...

Normally I would be delighted to hear Kangaroo meet was inexpensive, but in this case I am rather disappointed as it appears I was gypped.

Happy to have found a fellow supporter of the Bhat and a currency connoisseur!