Thursday, December 27, 2007

Winter chronicles

I'm back baby. The semester ended and I was on the slopes the next day. I am trying to learn how to snowboard this year and Kyle was around to help me. The first day was awful: I fell often and hard, I literally ate snow. My tail bone still hurts when I sit on the floor, but it isn't as bad as it was the next day. Every muscle on my body was sore, particularly upper body (from lifting myself up every 20 seconds). I won't get into the details of my mediocre attempts but let me tell you I'm not giving up yet! I am going to spend New Year's in Vail with my friend Anabel from high school. I'm really excited because I love her and her family and I just know it is bound to be barrels of fun (and pain). My goal after three days of practice is to be able to go down a green slope smoothly and hopefully not fall when I get off the chair lift (that bitch is tricky).

This year I spent Christmas with my favorite Coloradans: The Bushes! They are a really fun family and I really lucked out with them this year. They were really sweet and welcoming and I hope I can return all the attentions one day. We made vegetarian Christmas Lasagna on the Eve and Mr. Bush cooked us a nice Tom on Christmas Day after he performed the infamous "Turkey Dance".

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Anthony said...

How come there was no mention of my visit?!?!?!?

I feel neglected. ;-(