Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let it be*

Look at me. Now look at yourself. Look out the window. Aren’t we beautiful? Our youth, that is. Isn’t it blossoming just right? Aren’t our souls rich, ripe, sweet? Aren’t our eyes overwhelmingly deep?

I know how you think. You are sitting in front of a computer reading this, and you forget the world is at your fingertips. We own the world. We are the world. Can’t you tell people turning their heads every time you walk into a room? Can’t you feel the looks like freckles all over your skin?

My dad seems to think I should be cruising through school given all the amazing resources I have available in this “digital age” and all. What he doesn’t realize is that it takes that much more work to stay updated with current events, to read email, to check the news across the globe, the weather, to keep up with my friend’s blogs, to synchronize my phone with my pc, to remain an interesting well rounded human being, to discover new music, to make statements, to have opinions, to discern, to believe, to create, to be different, unique, original, to be the future.

Don’t you realize that when my parents, your parents, try to give you their opinion (and I mean “opinion” not “advice”) they are only trying to sabotage you? They are jealous, old, and don’t know the first thing about how hard it is to be you. What they do know, is how wonderful it is to be you. They want that, and since they can’t have it, they try to make you be like them. They want you to get a job, they want you to raise a family, they want you to find a pretty little house with a guest bedroom for when they come visit.**

Haven’t you noticed just how tight your skin is? How straight your back is? And with what ease you can walk up those stairs! Seriously, please take a minute to appreciate your own existence. We are conscious. We have it all. We deserve it. We give it back. That is how awesome we are.

Even though I can easily handle the wait, I am anxiously looking forward to the world you and I will build together. It will be fair, fun and new. It will be interesting, because that is what is owed to us. We are not here to take, we are here to make. We are social, smart, healthy, kind. We are young. We are imperfect, we are human.

Come with me. Let’s give ourselves. Let’s make an imperfect world together. Let there be light, dark. Let there be chaos.

*I don’t expect anyone to make any sense of this post. I’ve been reading too much of this and taking too many cold meds.

** Let it be noted I am not making any generalizations or assumptions about people’s (nor mine) actual parents. I use the term parents for all those generations that came before me who simple don’t get “it”.


Anthony said...

No pessimistic bias here. That's good to hear.

Steve Hanna said...

This blog needs more brilliant updates like this. I'll even settle for a not-so-brilliant update as long as we get *an* update.