Friday, August 1, 2008

Score Sheet

I am now back my happy slacking self. In the past two weeks I've been avoiding work and other responsibilities as much as possible. I've also been to a concert, a waterpark, hiking, laying by the pool, and I even went Bouldering today! Thanks to all of you who kept encouraging and motivating me at my darkest times. Rawr.

Random thought: I just found out Amy Winehouse is 25 years old! I thought she was in her late thirties. Comparatively, I'm looking damn good.

I wanted to make a note of a recent conversation I had with one of my newest acquaintances, which for now must remain anonymous, but we'll call him (and yes it is a him) Timmy. Timmy, like so many of us, is looking for his better half. Now Timmy is a nice guy, he's really smart, making decent money, fun, his looks are not too shabby and more importantly, he is straight! And why am I not dating this guy?

Anyhow Timmy and I were talking about what we are looking for in our significant other. I didn't bring much to the table, nothing unexpected that is, I'd like to meet somebody smart, fun, interesting, not-too-shabby looking and somebody who has goals, I really admire people that continually challenge themselves in life. Timmy agreed with much of that but he told me about his "score sheet". Yes, my friend grades the women he meets. As the night progresses he keeps some sort of mental checklist that will lead him to decide whether this woman is worth his time. A few examples of the items on his score sheet follow (split into categories):

Can she handle multiple topics?
Are we equally involved/participating in the conversation?
Is the tone flirtatious?

Does she read?
Does she enjoy music/ movies/ theater/ art?
Does anything intellectual excite her?
Does she speak other languages?

What does she do?
Does she have goals?
Are the goals realistic?

Nice face?
Body type?
Is she active or athletic?

Do I feel charmed?
Is she humble/ nice/ kind/ happy?

Why isn't this guy dating me? I totally ACED his test.
And that is all my memory serves me, but pretty fascinating no? It made me wonder if we all have a checklist like that, only we're not aware of it. Most of us certainly don't verbalize it the way Timmy did. I can't judge him for it, at least he knows exactly what he's looking for. But yeah, maybe you should start thinking about your own score sheet. As for me, I'm going out to the bar tonight, putting on my beer goggles, and looking for the love of my-next-10-minutes. Monogamy is so hard as it is, specially at my age! Wish me luck ;-)

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Steve Hanna said...

Glad you're back to rawring. Wholeheartedly agree with the ending remarks as well.