Monday, February 16, 2009

DC Diaries: Day 0

The date is finally here! We get to go to Washington DC!!!1! By we I mean Aaron, Barry, FuZen, Jeff, Luca, Quing, Raj, Ryan, Thurein, Xu and I!! Woo-hooo!!!! partaaay! It's going to be madness!... not. Are you kidding me? We're going to a power electronics conference people! in Washington DC, not in Rhodes, Greece (where PESC was last held), it'll be nerdy as hell!
I have low expectations. During the day it will be mostly boring and tiresome, but I do hope to make it interesting for myself by exploring the city a bit and who knows? maybe I'll actually meet some interesting engineers! and who knows?! maybe someone will give me job! ::sigh:: Scott, my offer to be your personal shopper/assistant is still up.
I will be keeping an online diary through this blog, where I'll try to post everyday for... erm... 5 days. I will report on how I am feeling, what I did, who I met and what I learned about. If you intend to follow along daily... good luck to you. I don't own a digital camera of any sorts, my toy phone ($14.99 at target) doesn't even have one. My laptop has a webcam which I intend to use as often as possible, when appropriate. Other than that, I may be stealing SD cards from people.
We leave tomorrow bright and early, Ryan is picking me up at 3am, we take the bus to the airport, flight leaves at 6:15am. And what am I doing right now?? well I am trying to write a half-decent blog post, and immediately after I promise to start packing. For progress on packing, see figure below.
This is my room! (as seen by my shitty laptop webcam) It looks ten times worse when I am packing for a real trip, but this is how it starts... We have here a hair-dryer, straightener, hair product, face lotion (SPF 15!) and body lotion. This is really all a girl needs, I could live on this for weeks. I think the lotion has natural organic ingredients, so I could eat it for survival. On the right side there is a pile of fresh new laundry that I will have to sort through for undies and socks. On the far left is my bookcase, or as I like to call it "the library". In the background is my closet, you can't see much of what's in there either, just clothes and enough shoes to feed a small African country. I kid! I kid!!! I don't have that many shoes... anymore.
And what am I up to? if not getting ready for my trip, you ask. Well, I was watching the news, following in on the referendum happening in Venezuela, where the people get to decide on presidential term limits. I am sad to announce that the referendum passed 54.4% to 45.6% allowing Hugo Chavez to be re-elected indefinitely. Sad faces all around. I don't have a good conclusion for this post, it took a sad turn somewhere... Ok, I guess I go pack now.

Currently listening to: "Between the Bars" by Madeleine Peyroux.


Parisa said...

Lol, I love the anti-Chavez face :)

Anthony Philipp said...

Two things:

1) You would have a camera if you didn't keep losing them. Including the one I bought for you!

2) You had *so* many shoes.

Queen of the Bongo said...

I tried to wrap up so much emotion into a single expression. I think I succeeded.

1) Excuse me, that time it wasn't my fault!
2) I have cut waaaay down, you'd be so proud! I am down to the mid 20's (when you knew me it was closer to 40's) but that includes shit like hiking boots, house slippers, running shoes, snow boots and climbing shoes among others that are not so usual to wear. I still have lots of sandals, I'll always be a summer girl.

Anthony Philipp said...

The terrible thing is that I have gone the other direction. I have a lot more shoes then when you first met me. I think I had a pair of tennis shoes and possibly a pair of sandles when you first met me. I know have two pairs of tennis/running shoes some dress shoes, some casual shoes, hiking boots and sandals.