Friday, February 20, 2009

DC Diaries: Day 3. I'm psyched.

Jeff overheard me saying I would love some chocolate over lunch and bought me a gigantuous chocolate bar depicted below. It was supposedly my good-luck-at-your-first-talk present. What a nice guy.

I just found out today the total number of registered people for this conference is 1900. It is pretty huge and admittely they have done a fairly good job of organizing it. The food was great, the exhibits thorough, some of the papers were not as exciting but the all the special presentations and rap sessions were really good.

My advisor gave a presentation on the future of power electronics for photovoltaics (PV) and it was a nice introduction to the subject, I hope that it encouraged people to attend mine! There was a dinner, with free flowing wine and beer and some entertainment after it. The Capitol Steps, a political satire/musical group, kind of funny, but mostly... not, only a couple of their numbers really made me laugh.

I am writing to you from my room and I will not be going out tonight because my presentation is in the morning. I practiced it a couple of times, took a bath, relaxed and I feel really good about it. I have to be at the author's breakfast tomorrow bright an early. Please channel all your good vibes towards Washington DC, tomorrow morning at 9:20am Eastern time :-)

Currently feeling: psyched!!

Currently listening to: nothing, I am practicing!


Anthony Philipp said...

I didn't even know you were in DC this past week! You don't tell me anything! Either that or I'm just never around...

Queen of the Bongo said...

Well you knew I was going to a conference at some point :-)

But yeah, I guess I forgot to mention when.

You're around, we talked on valentine's day remember?

We're cool. Don't worry, you ain't getting rid of me so easy :-P