Monday, November 22, 2010

Traveling with Quantas

Most airlines: "We will be serving refreshments in a few moments"

Quantas airlines: "We will be serving morning tea in a few moments"

Checking the emergency procedures on Quantas Boeing 767 aircraft:

Please refrain from using cel phones, beepers, other kinds of radio transmitters and gremlins.

We sure hope you enjoy the oxygen mask in case of cabin loss of pressurization.

"weeeeeeee oxygen masks! lol!"

Children sized life vests are available in case of an emergency water landing. By emergency water landing we mean water play time. Also available for children are water guns, floaties and trained dolphins.

"Mommy can I keep my vest in heaven? - Yes you can Timmy, now go play with the nice sharkies"

Always have an optimistic attitude when faced with death!

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LTC said...

por lo menos el niƱito esta sonriendo