Friday, November 26, 2010

What day is it?!

Get ready for another ranting post.

This week went by in a blink!!! We spent last weekend in lovely Melbourne and after we got back I went to take a nap and woke up on Friday. It is Friday already!!?!? Basically I missed out on free movie Wednesdays and on Thanksgiving.

Would it be ok to just eat too much just like any other day of the year to make up for it?

This week I have been unpacking more and more of our clothes and it has me feeling aweful about it. Normally I have a rule about clothes and that is if I haven't worn in one year, it goes to the donation bin, this keeps my closet updated and uncluttered. But then I have clothes that I keep to wear only once a year, or under very special circumstances. Like the "paint-tshirt", do you have one too? An old raggedy shirt you are saving for that day when you get up and feel like painting a room or a piece of furniture? Yeah right...

I also have a few "beach-tops", even though until now I hadn't lived near a coast for 7 years... And let's not forget the "pj-tshirts" which are a stack of ugly, yet comfortable and publicly appropriate shirts that I keep in case I sleep over at a friend's house while traveling. WHAT?! Yes, I am ridiculous and irresponsible and until I write it down it won't be fixed, so I am writing it down now. I am going to sell and donate a bunch of clothing items that I paid a lot of money to have shipped overseas. I wonder how much paint shirts sell for these days...

Do you guys also have clothes you save for specific random purposes?

Also I got this treasure in the mail today...

Now, is that what you call a wise marketing decision?

(Probably since now she got free publicity on my blog...)

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Parisa said...

Great ad.

If it makes you feel better, I also got rid of a load of clothes I shipped back to the U.S., after I got rid of loads of clothes before packing :(