Saturday, July 30, 2011

On living without boys...

M has been away in the last couple of weeks -he's coming back tomorrow!- and I had some time to reflect on the current state of things...

Pros of living without boys
1. It can be incredibly productive
2. EVERYTHING around the house stays cleaner longer
3. Having to do only about a third of the usual amount of laundry
4. Getting the cat's undivided attention
5. Being able to get deep, sound, restful sleep (because he moves a lot...)
6. Nobody is around to ask me to cook or wash dishes

Cons of living without boys
1. It can get lonely
2. When the time comes to clean something, there is nobody around to help you
3. There's nobody who folds my clothes the way I like it!
4. Realizing that the cat likes him better
5. Having to use hot water bottles and wear four layers to bed (because he keeps me warm...)
6. Nobody is around to cook for me or wash my dishes

Overall boys also are there to help move heavy stuff, open jars and do odd jobs around the house. So I guess that says it... I missed him a lot.


Anonymous said...

we also kill spiders

Joan said...

That's a great photo, with the hair light!