Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SYD -> KUL -> ALA -> FRU

Accounts of a journey.

Sub par meals on the Sydney - Kuala Lumpur leg.

KL airport.

A well deserved Malay breakfast. For the outrageous price of $21.

Funny signs in airport toilets.

Kuala Lumpur -> Almaty. Snacks in the Kazakh airline.

M in Almaty's departure hall. He likes duty free stores.

The menu on Alamty's airport's cafeteria. Food groups are translated, however individual food items are not. Good luck ordering.

(and yes collations is misspelled, but I guess that is the least of my problems)

A well deserved (Turkish) beer in Almaty's airport. Also shown, some Kazakh money.

Horse jerky! 

The brand name is "Meat Flakes" and their slogan says "Traditional snack for nomads". It comes with a complementary toohpick (see middle photo), what a deal!

It was rather chewy and salty, more so than the beef jerky I'm used to, but other than that not much different.

The plane to Bishkek was actually very nice, but the trip only lasted 30 minutes. I blinked and we arrived, so that's why I didn't take photos.

Once in the airport M was stressing out a little bit and that is why I didn't take photos there.

After 31 hours of leaving home, we were greeted by a lot of people and they brought us to M's family's house where they made me eat and drink shots of Hennessy VSOP (cognac) until I passed out. Everyone is very sweet.

These were my kankles the next day:

They gave me these slipper to walk around comfortably in the house. M's sister calls them wedding slippers because they are rather lacey.


Stay tuned for more!

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Parisa said...

I love this post! Have fun in KYG and keep rocking those wedding slippers... ;)