Sunday, August 4, 2013

DIY: Neon Plant Pots

I am a big fan of the neon-on-neutrals movement:

Images via: The Proper Pin Wheel,  Bird and Feather & Dellie
So when I ran into a pile of dismissed terracotta pots on my street, I took the chance to try and re-create some of these beauties above.

If you are re-using some of your own pots, or picking up free ones from the street like I did, make sure you give them a good scrub to kill the bacteria currently living in them (I used a bleach solution for this)...

I had some acrylic pale grey and canary yellow left over from a different project. Two coats of the pale grey alone looks rather classy:

Some strategically placed painter's tape...

And voilà! I am extremely pleased with the result.

There is a lovely woman and her father at Addison Road Markets in Marrickville who sell plants and herbs of all sorts, including a 6-pack of various succulents for $20!

I am very excited about my new succulent plants but have never actually looked after any before. If you have any tips for me, please share in the comments.


Parisa Tabriz said...

Go neon!!! :)

Anthony Philipp said...

Very cool. I'm impressed with how well they turned out!