Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On marriage

I have been reflecting a lot lately on my impending nuptials to a certain Mr. M... Mainly because I have started thinking about my vows, about what I want to say and what our relationship means to me. Coincidentally this beautiful blogpost (The True Story of a Seven Year Marriage) landed on my feed and it really resonated with me and what I believe, so I wanted to share it with you in this space.

"... Before you can make high towers, it’s best to build a good strong base. It comes from laughter, empathy, forgiveness, accepting the other person’s struggle, and knowing yourself.

But sometimes without knowing it, you build too high and too fast. Things get shaky and start to wobble.

There is alway a way to rebuild if you’re willing. Always new and different blocks to try, always time to take a few steps back and build the bottom stronger."

My own philosophy is that relationships are complicated, and they are hard, but the really good ones are supposed to be hard!

All the good things in life never come easy and it's the same with love. It's only through the tough times that we get to know ourselves better. It is only by trusting and persevering that we learn to understand and love each other more every day.

Sappy lady out.

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