Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ranting... I think I need more human interaction

Dear decently-sized-lizard who was playing dead in our garden right up until the moment I got close to you,

Screw you.

Dear spider who keeps knitting webs every night in the back yard after I clean them off,

You win.

Dear everyone else,

Hello hello!!! I totally got started on my list of things to do this week. I bought fabric and I already cut it for my cushion and my curtains *** Then I cleaned like, 80% of the dead leaves in the backyard (the other 20% looks super gross and I refuse to suffer through it alone so I am waiting for M to come back) *** I bought three glasses *** I have also been reading a TON, and sleeping a TON *** I started yoga, and all my muscles hurt *** I also went to visit the BEAUTIFUL Royal Botanic Gardens here in Syd, and I totally and undeniably saw a possum! Oh and yes, that possum saw me right back.

Today I went walking around Oxford St. and bought 2 pairs of shoes for $50. It was a total deal!!! and they are so cute!!! and I don't need any more shoes this summer, yay. I also visited Paddington's market, which like most other markets around here mainly showcase local artists and businesses, which is great, but I also miss the good old flea markets and garage sales, what I need is furniture people! Yes, I also visited 2 garage sales today and it was mostly old raggedy winter jackets and scuba diving suits. People pee in those suits you know? I don't see myself buying a used one...

Back to shoe shopping, did you know I used to be one of those shoe junkies? Now this is a normal stage in most women's lives. I think in college at one point I had collected a record of 39 pairs. Which is absolutely ridiculous now that I think of it. Most of those went off to charity or to friends and now I only have a few basics. Now I try not to buy new shoes unless it is to replace an old pair that has succumbed to wear and tear, which is sort of what happened today. It has taken me years to learn about myself, that I am not nor will I ever be a glamourous girl or look like I stepped right off the streets of NYC (or Caracas for that matter, you should see my girlfriends at home). I now know that I am simple, yet pretty, and casual, and comfortable. I love the idea of high heels. I hate wearing high heels. I look like I am drunk when I walk on them, not to mention I just can't do it for more than a couple of hours.

Also, did you know my brother moved to California? He's a super cool guy and if you live there you should hang out with him.

Did you know the human nose never stops growing?

Did you know that regular coffee has more caffeine than espresso?


Parisa said...

The human nose never stops growing? Crap, I'm screwed :(

Emilia said...

Why would you clean off spiderwebs? We have tons in our back yard, they're pretty :) Though there was also a spider that decided to build its web across our front entrance... FAIL!