Friday, October 15, 2010

Weird dreams series #256

I dream quite a bit, and more often than not I am able to remember my dreams, at least for a few hours in the morning and if I am able to re-tell them to someone I can remember them for a lot longer. While M was gone, I had the privilege of renting and watching the 2nd half of the first season of a little show called Glee. I don't know what it is about handsome geeks and show choir that is so appealing to a quarter-lifee like me, but there is a special little nook in my heart for every one of those characters.

Now, I watched the show last week, but it seems my subconscious is only catching up to it now because I have been dreaming with the cast members for 2 nights already. It seems that in my heart I really want Finn and Quinn to get married, because they did in my dream. Oh, and also, Puck totally wants to get with me.

Sorry Puck, I'm taken.

Everyone, meet my new boyfriend:

His name is hottie,  and he IS a hottie. We slept together on our first date and on every evening since then.

I hope M is open minded about polygamy.

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Parisa said...

My mom brought the first season of Glee to California (she's visiting) and we are up to episode 7. I hate Quinn!