Tuesday, October 5, 2010


M has had it with me and he's decided to leave me. For 9 days.  I am feeling something like this:

The first part is a joke, or half a joke anyway. He is indeed leaving, to visit his family and also to speak at a conference about some really cool stuff he works on. It feels like in our relationship we go through periods of lots of fighting and then something at work comes up and he must travel, followed by periods of being appreciative and happy in love. I am starting to wonder if he schedules these trips on purpose whenever he feels like we need a break from each other.

Anyway, whatever his mysterious plans are, I will miss him a lot. Plus he is my general heat source at night, I always freeze whenever he is not sleeping right next to me. The only way I can forgive him for this treacherous move involves presents, lots and lots of presents. I hope he is reading...

In order to keep busy and useful in the next 9 days, I am making a list of things that I have been dreading to do, because I hate doing most of them:

1. Clean the stains on our tiled kitchen and laundry floor
2. Clean the backyard of dead leaves and spider webs (I HATE spiderwebs)
3. Clean the funky thing piece of furniture
4. Fix the broken drawers on the funky thing piece of furniture
5. Go to IKEA
6. Look for jobs or volunteering opportunities

There's also a short list of slightly more pleasant things to do:

7. Blog
8. Start going to yoga
9. Make curtains
10. Make cushion seat for my desk stool
11. Go looking for chairs for our dinning table
12. Go looking for glasses so we can stop drinking water out of plastic bottles
13. Visit at LEAST one museum or local attraction

I am also determined to finish reading the book I am currently on, and if possible start a new one. Wish me luck.


Meder Kydyraliev said...

oh hai! i haz sads too!

Parisa said...

Meder, you better haz presents 2.