Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh hai!


I haven't forgotten about the blog! In fact the thought of it has been hovering over me and weighing me down, it seems like on a good week I will post 3 times, which would be ideal, but on bad a week I don't post anything juicy or at all :-(

I bet you were expecting lots of adorable cat photos, but you don't even get that, sorry. I have been busy with something all this time, literally, always cleaning something, shopping for something, looking for something, organizing something, going somewhere for something... I did start a couple of DIYs but until they are finished, I don't want to put them here.

Anybody else excited about the holidays?? Hellz yez. When growing up we always had a big dinner party with games and all the family would get together, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, it was awesome and  hence I always get a warm homey feeling about Christmas. This year we are hosting dinner for 7 people, and it caught me a bit off-guard how quickly it was suddenly here!

I promise to report back after xmas with gift and dinner details ;-)


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Parisa said...

Happy holidays (in a non-denominational way)... and congrats on another year of not getting pregnant!