Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas 2010 (1 of 2)

I know it has been almost a month but I am just glad I finally got around to it and I hope you are too!

I wanted to share our first Christmas in Sydney with the world (because the whole world reads this blog). Get ready for cheesy pictures, oh well, I tried to make them look interesting by adding some cross processing and (over) using the mosaic collage feature.

On Christmas Eve, also referred to in this house as "the night before December's work holidays" because we try to remain a secular home, we celebrated with a little dinner just the two of us.  I made kangaroo steaks, M's favorite spicy baked potato wedges and some green beans. I also busted out the fancy wine for this one, that's right, $22 bucks a bottle just for this special occasion.

The next morning, Christmas day, also known as "joyous secular gifts day" I got up to make us breakfast as well. I'm the biggest fan of breakfast and for the most part I don't really believe in cereal, unless I'm in a rush or too sleepy. I don't mess around with breakfast, ever. You can always count on me to have some coffee, juice and eggs at hand. Toast, tomatoes and avos are seasonal ;-)

So after brekkie it was opening presents time!!! woot woot!

This year M hit it right out of the ballpark and got me some awesome stuff, like a super powerful jet-engine hand mixer encrusted in diamonds.

Ok so it wasn't encrusted in diamonds, but my point is that even if it had been, I couldn't have been more excited :-) except when right after that I opened two huge presents that were full of crafty goodness!!!! M went to a craft shop and went to town on awesome stationary, cutters, paper, stickers and markers galore. I love that man.

And next he was up. He was a very good boyfriend this year and received a one year membership to our local movie theater (for discounted tix yay!) among other things. Like these brand new house slippers:

He hates waking around the house in shoes because supposedly they bring dirt and germs and poop from the outside, so we usually walk around in slippers.

He also got a pimping bathrobe.

But the gift he was most excited about was his new professional cocktail spoon. M loves making cocktails for himself and his friends and I guess this makes him look more legit. The spoon end is for stirring and the flat end is for crushing ice.

I should also note that he was uncomfortable with me showing photos of him in boxer shorts, but I just think he looks so cute and ultimately wanted to share what our day was genuinely like. Somehow I managed to convince him to let me use these shots, please praise him for it ;-)

We weren't the only ones to receive gifts this year of course. My awesome friend Parisa sent us a super thoughtful package and in it there was a cat toy for Murka. She immediately loved it and to this day it remains her favorite toy. She already broke it twice and we had to fix it both times.

So that's all I'm sharing for today, but I will finish and post part 2 "dinner with friends" very very soon!

Hope you all had a nice Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.



mursya said...

great you both had a happy Christmas time! say hi to Meder from us and congrats! was smiling reading all of that, cause Ihar brought me a lot of cute stickers and other stuff for doing hand-made things :) May be they had a special Google course together on what to give a girl for Christmas?! :))

Meder Kydyraliev said...

or maybe we got it all for free at Google O_o

Parisa said...

Yay, Christmas posts! I confirm the breakfast claim... you don't screw around with meals!

Also, I think this post officially makes Meder an underwear model.