Friday, January 7, 2011

Grilled cheese

I found a blog dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches and started experiencing an uncontrollable craving (similar to the one creeping into you now) to make one.

So I headed to my fridge to see what was available. We always have a couple of nice cheeses at hand, but sadly today, not much else was there.

My grilled cheese consists of basil pesto, chevre with dill, tomatoes, vintage cheddar and dijon.

Doesn't look as good as the ones from Grilled Cheese Social, but it hit the spot and was grilledcheelicious!


Parisa said...

Modern technology brings us... a blog dedicated to grilled cheese.

MacKenzie Smith said...

aww, i think your sandwich looks great! Thanks for the shout out!

jslo5203 said...

Wow Leo it looks scrumptious. love dad