Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas 2010 (2 of 2)

So on Christmas Day we invited a few of our non-aussie aka.-no-family-commitments-friends to come over for a holiday dinner. It was our first time hosting at the new place and I really wanted to make it special and grown-up like (no more college student dinners on the floor).

We served a few canapes in the living room, a mix of cheeses, crackers, spicy nuts and olives stuffed with roasted garlic.

The cloth covering the chest in the living room, as well as the dinning table cloth and napkins, came from a couple of yards of Japanese fabric purchased from a very nice Japanese lady (the beehive gallery on 441 King St). Then I cut it myself, pinned the borders and asked the dry cleaners nearby to please sew it for me. If you own a sewing machine, this would have been an excellent and cheap DIY project, but for me it wasn't so cheap because I had to pay for the sewing.

I always keep glass jars from jam and pickles, or sometimes glass soft drinks bottles and reuse them as flower vases, which is what I did this time. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of these flowers but they look adorable when bunched up like so. Tying the cutlery and napkins with twine is such a mindless detail but I think it made a big difference in presentation.

{M making negronis for our guests with his new cocktail spoon}

The dinner menu consisted of chickpea and greens salad, grilled tomatoes with basil, root vegetables gratin dauphinoise and baked salmon with dill and white wine (no link, as M made up the recipe).

Our guests all live here in Sydney, but came from Singapore and Venezuela. We had a fantastic evening and even though we had to wash all the dishes by hand I would love to do it again in a split second! We're looking to buy a small bbq grill soon and have another small soiree for the neighbors.

Maybe a post about new years next?

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