Monday, September 6, 2010

D-4 Day

Welcome back! It's been a long time and I am happy you stuck around.

As I write these few words I am thinking to myself that I don't know what this blog is going to be about from now on. However a few people convinced me that given the current situation, I should try to revive it and I am going to do just that. 

For now it is just going to be about me. And my boyfriend (M). And my future cat. We're moving to Sydney, Australia!! Not Canada (well, at least M and I are, the cat should be waiting for us there). Right now we live in Zurich, Switzerland and to be honest moving to Sydney is not exactly a career move for either of us, but we always talked about doing it and even if it's not wise, at least it is possible.

The next few days consist of cleaning, packing and then some cleaning. I just wanted to re-open this blog by letting you know that I am very, very excited. Ecstatic, even. I cannot wait for Friday to come. And after Friday, comes a whole lot of figuring-things-out. Apartment, cat, furniture, career, though not necessarily in that order. Until then.

PS. I hope you like the new look, although this background is not going to be here much longer, I'm still waiting for something way cuter to come my way.


Loic Guelorget said...

Yeeaaahhhhh, LONG LIVE THE BLOG !!!

Joan said...

This is awesome. Welcome back and I can't wait to read about your adventures!

Parisa said...

This is so unfair... I commented on this post somewhere else and had the FIRST comment there. Now I'm down to 3rd. Anyways, love live Bongaloo!