Monday, September 27, 2010


I don't know if you know this about me, but stressing is one of the things I do best.

We finally moved into the new place last Saturday. It is beautiful, but also scary (oh, and also dirty). Everything is so uncomfortably unfamiliar and empty. I am not yet fulfilling my dream of finding cheap stuff.  We went to the Salvation Army store, their biggest store around here, in Tempe, and while we got an OK deal on the items we bought (comparatively to the price they were asking for) I still felt cheated a little bit. I have been to garage sales in the USA where chairs and lamps are $5 each. Here they are $20, $50 or even hundred's if you find something mildly resembling retro. Let it go people!!! It's junk!!! It's junk that I want, too, so please top selling it as if they were relics.

As I was saying, we bought a few items. These include a desk for moi, a little stool that will serve as a desk chair, a dinning table and funky drawer something, we decided to just call it "that funky thing".  We also have a bed, but that one we bought brand new, although it was pretty affordable. I also bought bedding and I will admit I went all out and bought fancy bedding. It makes me feel like royalty, plus the sleeping quarters are important aren't they? That's all for now. It's not enough. You know what else is not enough? Money! It looks like I will have to tap into the job market a lot sooner that I wanted to. M and I are starting from scratch, and I am starting to feel like it is not fair to him to carry all this weight alone. Right now I feel like I will be looking for employment before the end of the week.

So yeah, stress, stress, stress. Any tips on how to relax? Clear your mind? Preferably in a cheap/free and rewarding way?

I was working hard on my first renovation project today which is my desk. I snapped a few photos with my phone, but it is not finished yet so I will post about that next.


Anonymous said...

I know one great way to relieve stress and it works best for two. Otherwise I am great at freaking out.

Parisa said...

I am terrible at relieving stress, so I'll leave this to your other commenter's advise.

(Otherwise, cheap booze?)

Parisa said...

Ok, the captcha I had to just solve to post the last comment was "pness". I'm giggling like a little girl. Turns out solving captures helps destress.

jslo5203 said...

Stress is one of the positive force that keeps us moving and makes us appreciate the good moments in life, do not procrastinate, do not be preocuppied, be ocuppied, always remember the succesess you have had in life, all the moving, you always made it with flying colors. You will also make it this time. Love dad