Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our first week in Sydney

Sydney is still rocking my socks off.

We found a great place to live, actually M found it, and he has been complaining about me not giving him enough credit ever since I tweeted "I found an apartment". Next week we will be moving to a lovely little house in the heart of a trendy, hip, artsy neighborhood in Sydney. We will have 2 bedrooms (well, a bedroom and a office/guest room), a gas kitchen and gas water heater, one bathroom, living room and a backyard big enough for barbecuing and maybe a tiny patio table.

Ever since we found the perfect place I have been spending time scavenging for the perfect furniture. The truth is, I rather find crappy old stuff and try to renovate it myself, than to buy brand new everything. So I have been scavenging for places that sell this stuff and will try to write a blog post on my research later on.

The neighborhood itself is quite fabulous, there are SO many restaurants. Even if we ate out every night, it would take us a solid year to check out every restaurant. There are not one, but two yoga studios on our street (let's see where that gets us). The bus stop and train station are a 5 minutes walk, and the grocery store is about 6 minutes. Basically, it's perfect.

... Except for one thing: rental properties don't have appliances :( So we will need to either buy or rent our own fridge, washer, dryer and/or dishwasher (in order of importance).

Yesterday we went to a bike sale sponsored by the City of Sydney and benefiting Erskineville Public School. Volunteers took the time to fix and clean old donated bikes, and sold them for profit for the school. I bought myself an old road bike, a bit dirty but in good shape and with working gears. M has higher standards and he wishes people donated brand new bikes, so I think he is holding out for the perfect thing to come his way.

After the bike sale we headed back to the harbour (or harbor?) and went on a ride on the Thunder Jet. We received a gift certificate for this ride from our friends in Zurich. It was a LOT of fun, I would describe it as a roller coaster on water. Here is a photo of M before we sailed off:

M is coming down with a cold today, so we are staying put and enjoying a movie/internet marathon in the hotel. This week will be a lot mellower... I will need ideas to keep busy.


Parisa said...

Awesome!!! I can't wait to see some pictures of the furniture refurbishing projects.

Joan said...

I have a friend in Sydney who is exactly like you -- she loves vintage stuff and has really interesting finds from Sydney. I could ask her to hit me up with some stores if you want!

Anonymous said...

I want to copy meders hair style!